Rainbow Glitter Nails

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Rainbow Glitter Nails Glitter Cuticles Are The Coolest Way To Cover Up Your Mani Mistakes. The trend first came to our attention at New York Fashion Week during the Spring 2017 Rodarte show, when lead artist Tracylee presented the new mani to the world, and if you ask us, she definitely hit the nail on the head with this one (Ha. Ha. Ha.). Ok ...

Glitter Gradient Nail Art
Guys, Please Don’t Make These Gaudy Unicorn Horn Nails Trendy. Most of the time, it ends up coming kinda true, and then we get inundated with rainbow hair, glow-in-the-dark tattoos, or glitter ... worthy (?) photos of the trend. And then please come back and tell us how you feel with magical, glittery nails.

Gold Glitter Nail Art Design
Glitter Tears Nail Art Is A New Take On The Shimmering Mani. Popularized by Milan-based designer Marisa Jiwi Seok, the look of glitter tear nail art recently made a grand entrance on social media. With their strategic spots of sparkle and their punchy pastel tones, the nails certainly capture the spotlight.

Glitter Nail Art Design
Wire Nails Will Turn Anyone Into A Minimalist Manicure Lover. She also says that the wires are meant to be an accessory for your nails, like your rings are for your hands. Based on how gorgeous the Instagram photos are, you can expect manicure lovers to be running to craft stores to stock up on thin wire so they can ...

Pink Glitter Nails with Gold
12 Valentine's Day nail art you'll love. It’s almost the end of January which means that we’ve gotten through the most depressing month of the year. (Hello, Blue Monday.) It also means that Valentine’s Day is on its way. While you might not be thinking about dinner reservations quite yet ...

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Rainbow Glitter Nails