Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Instagram Nail Art

My amazing picture Collection: instagram logo nail art

Instagram Nail Art This Manicurist Is Using Nail Art In The Fight For Social Justice. Making a statement has never been more relevant. Cosmopolitan first brought the NYC-based nail artist to our attention, and her elaborate designs are the perfect way to wear your values on your fingertips. Vega has serious skills, and she’s not afraid to ...

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Nail tech. Reid is committed to innovating in the nail art sector, where her social media-fueled designs have earned her a following of 427,000 Instagram followers and counting. “Millennials grew up watching Clueless and The Fifth Element, and Hollywood has crafted ...

Instagram Logo Nail Art Designs
Wire Nail Art: Why Your Friends Are Trading In Polish For Wire. Tired of your nail polish chipping off right after your manicure? There’s a totally new trend that will eliminate the problem, and it’s all thanks to wire. Keep reading to find out about the new mani. If you’re always scrolling through Instagram for ...

On To The Next Polish: Instagram App Logo Nail Art
This 3D Disney nail art isn't functional at all but is completely awesome. Full-on three dimensional Disney princess figurines rising from her nail beds. Emma Worcester of @weirdandwonderful things posted a pic to Instagram with the bonkers art. Throw back to when I made these fantasy nails a couple of years ago X #nailart #notd ...

Instagram Logo Nail Designs
This Wire Manicure Is About As Easy As Nail Art Gets. nail art simply referred to an elevated manicure—an accent nail here, a stripe there—the trend has since given birth to some seriously next-level looks (glass nails, anyone?) About two weeks ago, Park debuted a new look on Instagram. Decidedly ...

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