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Logo Nails Designs These Super Bowl Nail Art Ideas Will Score You Big Points. Sure, you could throw on a Patriots or Falcons jersey and call it a day. But if you'd rather show off your nail art skills this weekend, try out one of these fun Super Bowl-inspired designs instead. If you're seriously talented with nail polish ...

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From 'mixed media' and the 'upgraded French' to stone and marble inspired looks: Nail guru reveals the hottest manicure trends for 2017. The creator of one ... professional and novice nail artists alike'. Ms Vlezko says the stone effect, which replicates semi-precious stones such as turquoise jasper or marble, is 'a great, understated and chic form of nail art perfect for any occasion'.

Logo Nails Designs
See Pics: Nail Art Designs 2017. Nail Art Designs come in loads of variations and styles that everyone, from a school girl, to a grad student to a home-maker and a working woman can try them to add class and style to there nails. From beginners to professional nail artists, everyone can ...

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Wire Nail Art Is Going to Be Your New Beauty Obsession. I cannot wait to see how this particular trend will continue to unfold. As with most trends, the creator of the wire nail art trend is up for speculation, though Eun Kyung Park is being credited by Marie Claire as starting the trend. The versions coming ...

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This ‘Wire Nail’ Trend Is Pure, Beautiful Witchcraft. Eun Kyung Park, the founder of Unistella salon and creator of incredibly intricate nail art, has blessed us all with a new trend that takes minimalist manicures to an entirely new level: wire nails. Using thin gold wire, Park creates beautiful 3D accents ...

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Logo Nails Designs