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The Weird Thing You Might Not Have Noticed About Ivanka Trump's Eyes. journalist Nell Scovell suggested Trump's eldest daughter wore various shades of contact lenses, depending on which public appearance she was scheduled to be attending. During the Republican National Convention soundcheck later that month, she had brown ...

Susitna Writer’s Voice–“Talkeetna’s Brown Magpie”, by Robin Song. From the bluff I stood watching it through my zoom lens for a long while ... changing to golden-brown farther down its chest. Its eyes are dark, as are its legs. Its shoulder patch feathers are pure white, and the wing feathers start with a patch ...

“There’s just a real lightness to it” — Ruth Ellen Brown, photographer. Falmouth, where dark days were forgotten with the advent of ... felt different from behind a lens. Fragile and exact. Photograph by Ruth Ellen Brown When she graduated, she decided to stay in Falmouth and study a master’s in photography and installation.

Landscape Photography Accessories You Need in Your Camera Bag. In an earlier post, I discussed the required gear you need - a camera, a lens, a tripod ... landscapes to sunset photos that are too dark to using long exposures, even in daylight. Formatt-Hitech's Colby Brown Signature Edition Landscape Photography ...

Desio Lenses X Grand Optics Press Event - Desio presents a new range of coloured contact lenses. For the occasion of Desio Lenses' launch of their new Coffee Collection ... Cappuccino A splendid infusion of creamy milk foam with warm brown tones, where opposites of light and dark swirl in perfect harmony. This affinity conjures a soft and mellow ...

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dark brown lenses