Saturday, April 15, 2017

eye lenses

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I was blinded by my contact lens. Before long, she found herself in excruciating pain and lost her sight in that eye. And the cause may have been nothing more than handling her contact lenses with wet fingers. One Saturday morning in January 2011, Irenie Ekkeshis woke up to find her right ...

Woman goes blind in one eye after contact lens became infected. Irenie lost her vision in one eye after it became infected (Picture: Getty) A woman lost the sight in her right eye after it became infected with a bacteria typically found in tap water when she changed her contact lens. Irenie Ekkeshie, now 36, was ...

Correction: Online Eye Exams story. (AP) — Some optometrists are pushing back against new technology that allows consumers to get prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses online. While proponents of these limited online eye exams argue they provide financial savings and convenience ...

Tunable Electric Eyeglasses Bend to the Will of the Wearer. The glasses are designed to mimic the behavior of the eye’s natural lens—flexing to focus on wherever an individual is looking: near, far or in-between. Unfortunately for many of us, as we age our lenses become stiffer and lose the ability to bend ...

How Bad Is It To Sleep In Contact Lenses?. ... is safe to drink is not sterile and contains tiny microorganisms that can penetrate into your contact lens and attack the surface of your eye, potentially causing infection," she says. What about your spit — it's lubricating, right? Don't do that ...

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