Saturday, April 15, 2017

man eyebrows waxed

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Man outraged after salon refused to wax his eyebrows. A man is outraged after he was turned down for eyebrow waxing because of his gender. Student nurse Luke Knowles, 24, went into the Nail Fairy after being recommended by a friend, but said he would never go back. ‘When I arrived into the salon another ...

Fury of student, 24, when The Nail Fairy salon refused to wax his eyebrows. "When I arrived into the salon another woman was paying for her nails and a middle aged Asian man, I presume the owner. He said hello to me and I asked if I could have my eyebrows waxed and he point blank said No. To which I just of gave him a blank ...

Man outraged after Lincoln salon refused to wax his eyebrows. A “disgusted” Lincoln man says he was turned away from a city salon after asking to have his eyebrows waxed ‘because he was male’. Luke Knowles, 24, went to The Nail Fairy on the High Street at around 1.30pm on Monday, April 3, only to be turned ...

Get Ready For Summer With European Wax Center. Their lines of body polishes are to die for and so is their brow line. If you’re a first time female guest, experience an underarm, bikini line, or eyebrow wax for free. For the men, a complimentary ear, nose, or brow wax. Get an eyebrow wax on your ...

Hairy armpits don't make you feminist! AMANDA PLATELL questions the authenticity of Lourdes' 'shave slave' rebellion. That girl is as waxed as her mum’s double in Madame Tussauds. So it’s OK to pluck your eyebrows but a feminist statement not ... But the days when women shaved their armpits to keep their man happy have long gone. We shave them because we want to ...

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