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Mess With Facebook’s Emotion Tracking By Randomizing Your Feelings. A British firm called Cambridge Analytica took advantage of this to great effect, bolstering both Trump and the UK’s Brexit campaign by using sentiment analysis and Facebook quizzes to target promoted content to users based on their personality types.

Commentary: Sean Spicer isn’t ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ for telling a reporter to stop shaking her head. Ryan raised her eyebrow at the newly minted ... of cut-throat exchanges with reporters. This type of brash, no-holds-barred approach shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone considering the unique personality of Spicer’s boss: President Donald Trump.

The Only Person Who Taught Pierce Brosnan About Fatherhood Was Himself. McCullough is the type of man who hangs one Mexican ranch hand and flays another after their political activities collide with his ambitions. "Rather more relevant than we ever expected, isn't it?" Brosnan says, arching an eyebrow. As the title suggests ...

Test Levels Falling Despite HCG, Extensive Testing with No Answer. 6'4 and 225lbs, Type A personality with tons of drive and active ... 7:30-8 even with adequate sleep. The ends of my eyebrows are still there just way thinner than they used to be. Morning wood is gone, along with some penile sensitivity.

The Daily 202: 13 questions raised by Trump’s missile strikes on Syria. Fighter planes would have had to contend with Syrian air defenses and potentially more advanced types of surface-to-air missiles provided ... even though the California-based Internet personality acknowledged that he didn't know much about the situation.

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types of eyebrows personality